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New Boiler Installations in Paisley

Do you stay in Paisley or in or around Greater Glasgow area? If you are in need of a new boiler installation in Paisley, you can count on us! Our company is made up of a great team of professionals who specialise in installing, servicing and repairing boilers, be it for general heating purposes or to supply you with hot water. It does not matter if you are looking for boiler fitting or services or gas appliances or central heating installation, we can serve you with great confidence in our work quality and low local prices.

General Gas Boiler Services in Paisley?

We have very comprehensive and simple yet structured service features to serve your gas boiler needs. Whether you are looking for a new boiler installation or simply gas boiler repair or servicing in Paisley, we’ve got you covered.

Paisley Boiler Installation Services & Upgrades

If you have an older boiler version, you might notice that the spare parts and repair costs are much higher these days since the parts are harder to find now. These older versions are generally inefficient and more expensive to run as compared to the newer types of combi boilers. If you want to convert yours to a modern energy efficient combi boiler, you can contact us for advice on what new boilers you could consider.

Looking for Gas Boiler Services in Paisley?

Our company has several services available when it comes to gas installation & boiler fitting. Not only do we provide gas boiler installations in Paisley and Glasgow; but we also provide the following services for you.

Old boiler beyond repair or breaking down too often? Sometimes the best solution is a replacement with a new energy efficient boiler. We provide great quality brands at the lowest local prices!
We can provide you with your annual boiler service to keep your boiler warranty valid or to provide landlords with the required gas safety check. An annual service ensures gas safety and sets your boiler up for a long life!
We repair all types and all brands of boilers. Noisy or inoperative boilers can often be fixed quickly and cheaply!
We can replace, repair or service central heating systems. Air bleeds or a power-flush can clean out the radiator system and get your house heating up well again without the need to replace radiators.
Are you refurbishing? Building and extension? Has central heating never been fitted before? We can install quality new central heating systems. We provide energy company service standards at the lowest local prices.
Our engineers can service, repair and install oil fired boilers. If you have an oil fired boiler or if you live outside of a gas provision area and you are looking for an oil fired boiler get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.
Our experienced engineers are qualified for servicing, repairs and installations of commercial boilers with a rating over 70kW. Whether its an office, bar, shop or any other larger commercial sized space or building we have you covered.
We repair, service and install all types of boiler but we are dedicated to quality and reliability and so our favorite brands are Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Glowworm & Stelrad Radiators
All of our engineers and plumbers are Gas Safe Registered and fully trained and qualified to work with gas boilers, gas appliances in the home and commercial premises.

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Full Gas Safe Registered

Paisley Boiler Installations engineers and plumbers are all Gas Safe Registered, so you will not need to worry about our work quality being anything less than safe, high quality and trustworthy. We understand that our customers’ happiness and satisfaction with our services & products is the key to our success, and as such, we strive to provide beyond the expected standard of professionalism, expertise, guarantee, and more.

How to Get Started

Are you interested in our services? You can contact us and tell us about the services you need. As long as it is related to central heating services, boiler installation, repair or maintenance, we are confident that we can help you with what you need! Here’s a briefing of what you can expect to go through when you consult us for the required services.

Step 1: Setting Up an Appointment to Your Suited Time & Date

When you contact us for our services, we will set a date and time with you for us to visit your home to get an overview of what the work will entail.

Step 2: A Detailed Survey of Your Current Heating System

We will perform a full and detailed survey of your current home heating system to check for obvious issues and to have an idea of how we can carry out the repair, service or boiler installation. During this visit, we will gain a deeper understanding of the problem at hand to be able to provide you what you need, whether that is an onsite repair or service or advice or repair, installation or replacement of a boiler.

Step 3: Our Verdict & Advice to Provide You the Best Products & Services

Based on our observation and your requirements, we will let you know your options and our suggested implementation of your gas boiler installation, services or repair will be. Rest assured knowing that you are getting the best services and advice for gas boiler installation in Paisley and Glasgow.

Step 4: Issuing A Quotation – No Obligation Required!

There are certain standards that we go by when it comes to us being the best service provider for gas boiler installations in Paisley. After evaluating your current system and your requirements, we will issue you a fully-itemized quotation that lasts for 60 days.

Step 5: Setting Up Our Best Team – Fully Certified – for You!

The best service team for gas boiler installation in Paisley will be assembled and informed about your needs and requirements. All of our staff have the relevant certifications to ensure that we are giving you the best educated options. Our service team will arrive at your place at the apointed date and time, fully equipped with the most efficient tools, spare parts & skills to get their jobs done.

Step 6: Clean & Tidy Boiler Fitting

No mess, no hassle, no complications. We believe that a neat and tidy boiler area will help us to keep your house safer & easier to maintain, and so we always lay dust sheets and keep your property clean as we do our jobs. After our gas combi boilers and combi boiler services, you will see why we have the highest consultation and satisfaction rates for gas boiler installations in Paisley.

Step 7: After-Sales Services

Our services do not end when we have completed our job. To build trust with our customers, we provide you with a one-year workmanship guarantee and up to a ten-year warranty (depending on the type of boiler) for the boilers that we have installed for you!

All of the above at Competitive Prices

We cater to a local area to ensure that we can provide the best gas boiler installation services in Paisley and around Greater Glasgow with good prices. As compared to bigger companies that cater to entire states or the nation, our local services are definitely more neighbourhood-friendly! Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or any other type of property owner, we will ensure that your entire central heating installation process from the first contact with us to the after-sales service is as polite & efficient as possible.

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Simply fill in the contact form on this page to get started! Relax, there’s no obligation to sign up for our services even after you get our survey and quotation. Your information will not be used to contact you for any other reason than for our business’ purpose.

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Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts for New Boiler Installations

  1. DO pick a reputable brand of boiler manufacturer. Not all boilers are built to the same standards and quality. The cheaper brands are cheaper for a reason. The  parts wear out more quickly and they will break down sooner than a good brand. In the long run they will turn out more expensive through repair bills and having to eventually replace the boiler far sooner than you would have to with a good brand. We can work with and repair and service any make of boiler but we prefer to install Either Vaillant, Worcester Bosch or Glow Worm as these manufacturers all have a great range of quality products from budget to premium and they all give great long guarantees.


  1. DO pick an installation company that has Gas Safe Registered engineers. It would be very strange to find someone working with boilers who wasn’t gas safe registered these days. But is can happen if a plumber works on something he’s not qualified for to “save you time or money.” Gas is hazardous and the last thing you want is a gas problem in your home. Whether it’s a repair or an new installation of a boiler or any other gas appliance in the house them you should always only work with engineers who are property Gas Safe Registered. Our engineers are all fully qualified and Gas Safe registered.


  1. DON’T go for the cheapest boiler installation around. As with picking a brand, mentioned above, picking a boiler based on the cheapest price is often not a good idea. Most boilers are available at the same price to most tradesmen and installation companies. So when you see a boiler being offered for a few hundred less than most others are selling it for think twice. They will have to have cut corners somewhere. More often than not it will be the quality of the installation that will suffer. Low paid engineers, rushing the installation and using lower quality pipes and fittings, or cheaper heating system water flushes are just some of the ways costs will be cut to give you that low price. When it comes to boilers saving one or two hundred in the short term will likely cost you in the long run. We offer a great range of prices for quality reliable boilers to fit most wallets.


  1. DO look for references. These days references can often be found online when looking through companies for a new boiler. Look for references on Facebook, Google or or any of the other review websites. Not all small businesses will have huge numbers of reviews because guiding people on how to log in to a google account in in order to make a review for example can be difficult as a one man band. But as a minimum most reputable gas engineers and installation companies will have at least a few star reviews online or on their website. You can always do it the old fashioned way and ask the installer you’ve chosen to give you a referral of a happy customer.


  1. DO ask if the engineer is fully insured. Most gas engineers wouldn’t risk working without insurance but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Insurance will safeguard you, your house and the engineer from anything going wrong in the installation. Our company and our engineers are all fully insured.


  1. DO ask if the installation company will keep your home or premises clean and tidy up after themselves. This can be as simple as putting down dust sheets and even wearing plastic boot covers or removing shoes to come into your house and walk on the nice clean carpets. Especially removal or replacements of old boilers and pipework can be dusty work but a good engineer or plumber will do his or her best to look after hour home or premises.


  1. DON’T think that an installation from one of the national power companies is the only way to receive a great service and quality new boilers. The national power companies all provide installation, repair and service work for new boilers. They provided great products, great installations, good warranties and customer care follow-ups to make sure you are happy after the job is done. But this usually all comes with a much higher price tag. Often thousands more expensive than if you go with a local installation company. The funny thing is that the big power companies all subcontract their work to local companies and then take their cut. We have worked for power companies for 20 years and know exactly how to provide the same quality service with the same reliable boilers but all at a much better price.


  1. DO ask how long the work will take. A good boiler company will probably have quite a busy schedule at least for some weeks ahead. But boiler problems often need fixing quickly. After an initial free survey of your heating system we will let you know how long the work will take and when we would be able to schedule it to take place. We will always aim to schedule a time and date that suits you as soon as possible.


  1. DO check that the installation company backs up their own work with a Workmanship Guarantee. Not many plumbers and gas engineers will back up their installation work with an actual guarantee. We pride ourselves on the great workmanship we carry out by offering all customers for new boiler installations a unique 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee.


  1. DO check that a boiler guarantee or warranty is provided. Cheap boilers or unaffiliated engineers will not come with long guarantees or ever warranties. As Approved Installers for Worcester Bosch we can offer amazing 5, 7 and 10 year Guarantees on new boiler installations.


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What work do you require?

What make of boiler to repair or install?