We’re going to be in Newton Mearns this Friday. Our engineer John’s kids want to see the lego at the Bricks 4 Kids  camp in Newton Mearns…… Works in quite well with a boiler replacement we are finishing of in the area.

Funnily enough this is the second boiler replacement in the area this month. The other one the old boiler was a Vokera which to give it its due had lasted 9 years before packing in. Unfortunately it was probably the lack of servicing for the last few years that caused the problem. The radiators in the system were much older (a couple were maybe 30 years old?) and it didn’t look like they had been flushed in a long time.

Anyway we replaced the two oldest radiators and power flushed the whole system. It seems pretty good after that so we attached the new Worcester boiler. With annual services this should last for 15 years + and its guaranteed for 10 years!. On top of this we guarantee the work for a year so if there’s any problem whatsoever we come back and fix it for free if it was to do with our installation work.

People don’t often realize that the state of the radiators can affect the boiler so much. But basically after years of rust building up on the inside of the radiators a sludge forms in the heating system. This usually starts by creating a bad flow in the radiators and sometimes some cold spots or even blockages. before any boiler fitting a radiator flush must be carried out to make sure that the boiler warranty is valid. This is usually enough, but as in this case if the system is very clogged up a power flush can be used which also uses some stronger chemicals.

Either way job done and the house should be sorted for a long time now! We’ve plonked up a new page for Newton Mearns boiler work as we’re out there so often.