Clarkston & Busby Heating and Boilers

As we have just bought tickets to the Pantaloons musical production at Greenbank Garden in Clarkston we thought it fitted well with posting a page about the work we do in the area!

Earnst? Who is Earnst? Everybody loves Earnst. No idea what to make of this but it sounds like fun and I’ve got friends who have said that anything by the Pantaloons is worth seeing. Hopefully, the Glasgow weather will be kind!

This summer of great weather has been extremely kind to Glasgow …. but that’s been terrible for boilers…. they aren’t getting used to the poor things…. So it’s been a quiet summer. Most of our work consists of the few forward-thinking people who know that it is better to get renewal or replacement work done ins summer months rather than wait to get caught in the cold in Winter.

Anyone who gives us a call this summer will be pleasantly surprised as we offer summer discounts and we are usually able to come on site within a week or so. Wait just a couple of months more and things will be different as people switch their boilers back on breakdowns start to pick up and we get rushed off our feet.

Anyhoo, our new page highlighting the work we provide for boiler installation and central heating installation in Clarkston and Busby is now here. Have a look at the following link: New Boiler Clarkston & Busby